Sherry Armstrong, Community Outreach Director

A Greater Beech Grove Chamber member since 2016.

This location of Oak Street Health opened on September 8, 2016.

Sherri Armstrong is the ​Outreach Director.  We asked her what the best part of her job was. 

The best part of my job is seeing the positive effect we have on the community of seniors. Not
only do we see an improvement in their health but also in socialization. The founders of Oak
Street Health felt very strongly in not only being proactive in Senior’s healthcare physically but
also being caring for their social and mental needs. That is why every Oak Street Health location
has a Community Center attached.


Did you know:  Oak Street’s care is based on an entirely new model that is based on value for its patients, not on volume of services. The company is accountable for its patients’ health, spending more than twice as long with its patients and taking on the risks and costs of their care. Since 2013, Oak Street Health has been investing in communities across the Midwest – providing much-needed primary care for tens of thousands of people in 25 centers. The company recently announced an expansion to Philadelphia and Cleveland in 2018.

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